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Day 1: Some Initial Shopping

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Went to Hong Kong Supermarket in Sunset Park with Mel to pick up some groceries. Had trouble deciding what to get and was hesitant about buying too much.

This is what we ended up getting:
Neoguri Ramen noodles (5-pack) — $3.99
A big jar of kimchi — $6.99
Some baby bok choy — $0.70
Pork Butt (1+ LB) — $2.22
Ground beef (less than 1LB) — $2.78
TOTAL: $16.68

I think the kimchi will go a long way this month. I'm thinking about kimchi fried rice with sliced pork belly and maybe even kimchi jigae when the time comes. I also noticed that there are pig feet, chicken gizzards, and pig's neck for $0.59 per pound. Perhaps some meals to consider from those.

Mel also stopped by C-town and got the following:
Cracker Barrel cheddar cheese — $2.50
Bananas — $1.25
Potatoes (5 LBs) — $2.49
Arnold Country Wheat Sliced bread — $2.50
Carrots (1 LB) — $0.59
Lime — $0.25
Black beans (1 can) — $0.89
Leeks — $2.27
Jalapeno — $0.10
TOTAL: $12.84

I have $83.32 left.
Mel has $87.16 left.

This morning, I had a bowl of oatmeal with dried cranberries. Mel had some cereal with milk. For lunch, we had a egg and cheese sandwich and a box of Annie's Mac'n'Cheese. Right now, Mel is making some stuffed peppers (we had some from a while ago in the fridge). Will post a pic of dinner later.


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February 1, 2009 at 11:17 pm

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