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Not Just Another Redesign

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In the back of our minds, we always felt that we never spent enough time designing and developing our own website. Our last iteration, back in October, was significant in that we switched over to Expression Engine and re-organized our portfolio. But something never felt completely right with the site. It may have been because we were too hurried about it and didn't have enough time for details.

Well, this time around, we decided to take all the time that was necessary. After 80+ unbillable hours, we're happy to announce the launch of version 6 of our site.


<img src="" alt="Barrel Homepage">

We've pre-loaded six images (all photographs by Sei-Wook) on our homepage to keep things looking fresh.

<img src="" alt="Barrel Project page">

<img src="" alt="Barrel About page">

We played dress-up and took serious-looking photos. Not sure if it makes us look any more attractive as a prospective design team.

<img src="" alt="Barrel About page">

That pretty mailbox photo was also taken by Sei-Wook, although we made a slight modification (can you tell?).

Please take a look at our work and feel free to get in touch with us!

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Written by peterkang

February 4, 2009 at 7:13 am

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