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Goodbye February

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I’m very happy that we particiated in this little experiment. I am even a bit proud that we made it through the whole month. Besides the obvious benefit of saving money – I think this challenge reminded me how a smaller budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat worse. The meats we bought may not have been the best quality, but I enjoyed homecooked meals such as veal ragu, flounder, and pork dumplings. Even a simple dish of rice, kimchi, and a can of sardines worked for me and also reminded me how much I missed eating rice for at least one meal each day.
There were, of course, some regrettable misses. I should not have eaten as much packaged Japanese curry as I did – that stuff is loaded with artificial ingredients and took its toll on my stomach. Our stop by Wendy’s was also not good. I’m no food snob, but their rubbery chicken sandwich and defrosted baked potato reminded me why I steer clear of fast food joints.
So what’s going to happen next? Mel and I already went straight for bagels on March 1. We also did Sidecar for dinner and shared a soup, salad and burger there. Not to mention Kunjip, which we hit up as soon as midnight struck the night before. But in showing our learned lessons, we went grocery shopping and Mel made a sardine pasta sauce for me to take to work for dinner. I also packed a turkey sandwich for lunch. I think it’ll be easy enough to keep packing lunch and dinners during the week. We also bought a case of beer, one luxury we solely missed during February. Instead of forking over five, six bucks per beer at a bar, we’ll happily drink our under $2 bottles at home (although we’ll definitely indulge in happy hour deals).
This challenge confirmed my feeling that I’ve been too haphazard with my money. It’s not that I was wrong for wanting to satisfy my cravings at various restaurants. I was just not discerning enough about how to best use my money to get the most out of every meal (too many mediocre $40 meals). Hopefully a more cost-conscious approach will help me make better dining decisions while also letting me enjoy more homecooked meals.

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Written by peterkang

March 2, 2009 at 5:38 pm

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