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In high school, I played football in the fall and ran track in the winter and spring. During track seasons, I spent at least 2 hours a day outside on the track. But I was hardly a motivated runner. I never really did a full sprint workout and usually made up my own half-assed routine, which usually meant a light warmup lap and a few 100m dashes. I always thought of track as a sport secondary to football, so my approach was only semi-serious. And there was something about competitive running that always made me a bit anxious. I got by with the bare minimum and relied on whatever natural speed I had when we raced other teams (I wasn’t much of an individual scorer for our team – maybe a semi-decent third leg for our relay squad).

My shortcomings aside, I do remember really loving my time out on the track. It was a nice place to clear my head, break a quick sweat, and chat with my friends about school and girls. And there was something about running on those rubbery red lanes that felt fast and soothing. It was fun (and reassuring) to run knowing that the finish line was always visible (I never ran more than 400m).

Today I transferred my YMCA membership from the 9th Street Park Slope location to the newly opened YMCA Sportd Complex on 15th Street. It has a 200m track (half the size of a regular track) and many other nice features. What did I do my first workout there? Ran some light warmup laps and did a few 50m sprints. If only only my friends were around this time too.

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January 31, 2010 at 1:17 am

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