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LA Weekend

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Mel and I just returned from an eventful weekend in Los Angeles. We were there for Kevin & Maggie’s wedding, which took place on a boat off of Marina del Rey.

As soon as we touched down in LA, we checked into our hotel and took a cab to a nearby sushi spot. We probably overspent on some items (the uni sushi – 2 pieces for $15 – was overindulgent), but it was nice to go to bed with our stomachs full.

Next morning, it took a bit of time for Mel to recover from a migraine, but we finally made it out to Griffith Park where we met up with Mung. We had a nice light lunch at Trails Cafe, located right inside the park, and then caught up for a bit before doing a short hike up to the Observatory. The view of LA was stunning and I got some good looks at the hillside Hollywood sign.

We then headed back to the West side, where we joined Brandon, his cousins, and Joyce for some BBQ. There was some really good grilled hamachi and Brazilian BBQ along with veggies, salsa, and guac. I would’ve been happy to stay longer and eat more of it, but Mel and I had reservations at Animal, so we had to bounce. Brandon’s cousins were all very nice and cool — must be nice to have these family gatherings so often!

I had made reservations at Animal about three weeks ago. It was after reading a New Yorker article (along with some blog reviews) about the restaurant and how awesome it was in taking comfort food and giving it some upscale twists. The concept is nothing new, but I was curious about whether or not it would live up to the hype. For a Saturday night, it wasn’t too busy and there were a lot of empty seats for a restaurant that had so much publicity. I wondered if it was the holiday weekend, but then again, I couldn’t imagine Ssam Bar ever being this empty at 8PM on any Saturday night. Because it was just the two of us, we couldn’t order too many things on the menu and had to forgo their signature Pork Belly BBQ Sandwich because we weren’t in the mood for more pork belly. We ordered a beet dish, sweetbreads, Loco Moco (quail egg, foie gras, Spam, and burger over rice with some sort of gravy sauce), oxtail poutine, and tres leche. All dishes were very well made and we totally housed the Loco Moco even though it was super rich. I think Animal would be a fun place to come with a larger group of friends next time so we can order a lot more stuff.

We went to bed early after being hit with heavy food coma. The next day, we headed up to Santa Monica for a bike ride along the water. It was bit crowded, but the weather was just perfect, with a nice cool breeze hitting us as we biked on flat grounds. We stopped along the way to dip our feet in water (it was way too cold) and to check out some skateboarding action. We saw some 4-5 year-olds doing some crazy, fearless jumps at high speeds. Once we returned our bike, we grabbed a hot dog stick (corn dog) and lemonade and then headed to Stefan’s on Montana to eat brunch with Brandon and Joyce.

Finally, it was wedding time. Mel and I went back to the hotel and got ready. We parked at Dock 52 and boarded the large FantaSea boat. There ceremony took place on the top deck as the boat slowly pulled away from the pier. It was a short and sweet ceremony and having a glass of martini in my hand certainly made things enjoyable. After that, things went by quickly, with photo booth fun, buffet dinner, and people singing Chinese karaoke. I was pretty tired towards the end and happy to get back to the hotel for a bried nap before our 6AM flight back home. But wow – what an action-packed weekend!





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May 31, 2010 at 9:15 pm

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