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Knife Sharpening Truck

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On my walk through Fort Greene after brunch today, I saw a green truck that had an old man inside who was sharpening a knife. "The Original… Mikes, Since 1941. While 'U' Wait on the Spot," it said on the back of the truck. When I got home later, I did a quick search and found that old-school knife sharpening trucks like this one still roam Brooklyn. From what I gathered, they charge around $5 to sharpen your knife while you wait. They can also do scissors, paper cutter blades, and lawn mower blades (they should go out to the suburbs for that one).

Besides Mike's, the other players in the mobile knife grinding biz are Bob's and Del Re. Bob's truck is also green and Del Re's is red. You can see pics of them here:

I found it funny that a guy on a message board actually commented on all three:

"i use the gut name mikes hes the best not delray he is a thief and flirts with all the ladys even my wife bob is good but if you ever see any one of the green trucks use them insted of the red truck there honest and prices nobody can beat them"  


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July 26, 2010 at 5:36 am

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