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Intolerable Cruelty

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Watched Intolerable Cruelty last night. First time I watched it was in theaters back in 2003. I don't think I followed the film well and didn't find it enjoyable then, but seven years later, it felt like a whole different experience. I enjoyed the snappy dialogue and found the purposeful over-the-top acting to be fun. There was a very Housewives of Beverly Hills feel (yes, I occasionally watch this, because of Kitty) especially in the poolside scene featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones and her gold-digging friends. And I really liked George Clooney in this, with his white-teeth obsessed, fast-talking, screwball style that got me thinking about some Billy Wilder films.

It's interesting to see how, with age and accumulating personal experiences (things read, observed, watched over time), the act of watching movies takes on new dimensions. I remember watching Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums the other day for the first time in several years, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. I know that watching a movie for the second or third time has its built-in benefits since you don't have to follow the plot too carefully and can focus your attention to other details, but I also think that knowing a bit more about the world and being more conscious about the way people behave makes it easier to appreciate things like set details, character tics, relationships, costumes, and even the use of typography. A few things kept me thinking after this latest viewing: the use of a very eccentric and landmark-less New York as a backdrop, the hilarious tactlessness of Gene Hackman's character, and the exclusive use of gypsy cabs from the Gypsy Cab Co. throughout the movie. Good stuff.   


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December 25, 2010 at 7:01 pm

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