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First Stroll Around Green-Wood Cemetery

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I’ve lived in South Park Slope for 3.5 and in all that time, I never took advantage of my close proximity to Green-Wood. Mel had told me how amazing it was a while back, but I never had any desire to check it out. If it wasn’t for the perfect weather on Sunday, I may have opted to go straight back home. Sometimes, the spontaneous decisions lead to the best outcomes.

It’s possible to spend countless hours looking at all the interesting tombstones and crypts throughout 478-acre expanse of Green-Wood. I noticed a few (Aaron Burr, DeWitt Clinton), but I let my mind drift away for the most part while soaking in the greens, whites, and pinks that saturated my every view.

I took a liking to the signs of the many paths throughout the cemetary. One was called Mimosa Path and another was called Rue Path.

The most breathtaking view was from a higher elevation looking down at the chapel and the pond. I made my way down and circled the pond, spotting a tadpole and a turtle in the process. I could’ve ventured further into the cemetery, but Mel called to tell me she was almost back home, so I walked back towards the Main Entrance and rode my bike home.



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May 3, 2011 at 5:27 am

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