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Every once in a while, especially after a hectic day, Sei-Wook and I like to wax nostalgia and talk about the "good old days" of Barrel–the days when it was just the two of us and our buddy Reggie working out of a bedroom in Queens or out of a tiny sublet office in Midtown. We'd work a few hours here and there on client projects, think of ways to sell our Awesome Creatures t-shirts, and eat whatever Reggie had cooked for us that day. We'd keep a running count of pull-ups that we did on the whiteboard (Reggie always won) and devise ways to catch the mice that always taunted us by leaving their droppings all over our office. Sometimes, we'd take off midday and ride our bikes along the Hudson River or go on a hunt for tasty cheesesteaks in the West Village. We had our share of fun and games, but we also worked our butts off. There were many 3AM nights of trying to meet deadlines, long weekend sessions trying to catch up, and endless mugs of coffee. It was our own company, and we woke up excited for every new day.

I remember when we first began adding to our team. Our buddy Andy joined us part-time to help on various tasks, and during the summer months we began to have interns, giving us a taste of what it was like to manage people in a work setting. Soon, as more work came our way, we took the plunge and began hiring full-time employees. It was all new to us and also a big transition. Gone were the days of just two business partners and a friend who provided food every day (Reggie would go on to pursue a culinary career). We were a serious business now, with daily client calls, a company phone system, and a custom-made sign on our door. No more midday bike rides–there were designs to review, meetings to attend, and a bi-weekly payroll to think about. 

Today marks five years since Sei-Wook and I started Barrel. While we may cast a rosy picture of our earlier days, we realize that things have gotten a lot better over the years. We're more experienced and better at what we do, we're surrounded by a wonderful team of smart and talented people, and we're blessed with a steady flow of challenging client work. Things may be more complex and busier than ever, but we truly feel lucky that we're still going strong. A big thank you to everyone–our team, our clients, our friends, and our families–for believing in us and helping us grow this company.

P.S. Please join us for our party this weekend! Click here for details.


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June 2, 2011 at 4:13 am

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