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For the past three months, we've worked closely with Korean Beacon to streamline its editorial focus and to introduce new content features. It's been a very exciting venture as this fits right along with our other Korean American projects (I Am Korean American and Korean Food Gallery). Korean Beacon presents a different challenge in that it requires both daily scouring for news and long-term planning for features to keep the publishing schedule busy. We're also very engaged on Facebook and Twitter, as these social media outlets drive a good amount of the site's traffic. 

A few features have really caught on and become mainstays of the blog: KAs@Work, which features Korean Americans and the different jobs & industries they're in, Korean Food USA, a look at different Korean restaurants across the US, and Crave Alert, a pic and cap post that features a tasty Korean dish. Today, we introduced KB Weddings, a photo-friendly section featuring newly-wedded Korean Americans. Along with KB Weddings, we released a series of design tweaks to improve the navigation of the site. We also tweaked the branding as well. Check out the top bar featuring our popular sections.

We plan to continue working on the editorial and design side of Korean Beacon, and we'll be ramping up our social media effort over the next few months to increase traffic. We've learned that a lot of work goes into establishing a process to publish consistently and frequently, and it's been wonderful to test out ideas and try new things (tech, design, and editorial). We can't wait to use some of these new findings on our client work!


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August 16, 2011 at 10:42 pm

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