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New Features for Launch Effect

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Less than a month after we went live with Launch Effect, our WordPress theme that lets you create viral campaigns, we’ve worked hard to release an update with some great new features.

How the Theme’s Done So Far

Since our launch on August 22nd, we’ve had over 2,200 downloads of our theme. We’ve been featured on publications such as The Next Web, Smashing Magazine (their weekly newsletter), and Our favorite part has been all the wonderful examples we’ve seen over the past few weeks. Users have stretched the theme to its limits and many have made some very cool modifications.

What’s New in This Release

You can read up on the full list of updates on our changelog right here. But here are the highlights:

1) Stats are now a part of the theme settings and a page does not need to be created manually. We noticed that users were having some issues with this, so it was one of the first things we addressed. This is what the new stats page looks like (note the Launch Effect options on the side and top menu):


2) You can modify the labels of everything, which means foreign languages are a go! We were bombarded with pleas from users wanting to use Spanish, Russian, German, etc. for areas like “Enter your email address:” so we made them all editable:


3) You can now add a Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions statement that can get you permission to import people’s emails to a service like MailChimp. We think this is a good stopgap solution until we add full integration with third party email service providers.


4) You can now use Typekit and Monotype’s web fonts to style the text. Simply enter the account from either service and select your fonts there to make it work.


5) More options for the content containers! You can choose from three sizes (small, medium, large) and three positions (left, right, center). This means more flexibility for the user to position the content and to let the background image shine.


6) We’ve added more social media options: Tumblr, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can also link to your Facebook page or Twitter profile on the homepage. And if you’re tired of all the social media icons, you can simply disable all of them.


We’re excited that Launch Effect’s become a useful tool for people all over the world, and we plan on improving the theme even more in the coming months. Keep track of our progress by following @LaunchEffect on Twitter and take a look at our Development Roadmap.


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September 21, 2011 at 1:19 am

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