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We recently gave our wallboard a facelift and added in some new features to better serve our need for at-a-glance information.

Our wallboard is a Samsung 460UX 46″ LCD display that’s mounted vertically and connected to one of our old Macbook laptops. Here’s a breakdown of what our wallboard displays:


  • A rotating slideshow feeds images from our Posterous blog.
  • We found a way to feed in MTA train schedules, so the wallboard updates every few minutes to show the next uptown and downtown trains for lines near our office (great to check on our way out).
  • Our cleaning schedule, controlled on ExpressionEngine, highlights whose turn it is to make sure the office is nice and tidy before leaving.
  • We put in a nice JQuery time & weather widget.
  • We made use of the Google Calendar feed to show our next holiday and we also display meetings that take place in the conference room, upcoming events, and team member birthdays.
  • The largest component is our Harvest Co-op feed, which shows who is working on what. Green means that the timer is running. The blue status bar is an indicator we put in to help identify visually the tasks that take up the most time.



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October 4, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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